child's fingers learning to play the bagpipe chanter

Learn to Play the Great Highland Bagpipe!

Seattle Bagpipe Lessons

It may only have nine notes, but that doesn’t make a bagpipe easy to learn to play. You’ll be doing yourself, and anyone within earshot, a big favor by getting real instruction. There are too many things about the music and instrument that really can’t be figured out on your own.

Neil’s many years of teaching experience and his patient, easy going attitude make the lessons fun and informative. Neil has success teaching people of all ages and ability levels. His Bagpipe Lesson Videos on YouTube have well over 1.5 million views. Whether you’ve never studied music, or if you have previous musical training, he can teach you. References are available.

Learn to play the Bagpipes online

Visit my site, Online Bagpipe Lessons, for information and to signup for online instruction.